Is your orthodontic treatment almost complete? That’s great news! As we prepare to remove braces or Invisalign®, now is a good time to take a close look at your teeth and smile. Once the braces are removed or aligners are discontinued, tooth positions cannot be changed by our doctors without new appliances and additional fees. If you would like to talk about tooth positions or smile details, please let us know by texting, calling, emailing or clicking the link below.

Keeping the new smile you have achieved looking great will require continue commitment. We are very pleased to offer our Retainers for Life program! To learn more about this program, please see the information guide by clicking here. Wearing your custom-fit, digitally printed, removable retainers is the safest way to maintain your smile. With our Retainers for Life program, you have easy access to brand new, clean retainers…forever!

At the appliance removal appointment, you also have the option to have wire retainers bonded (glued) to the inside of the top and bottom front teeth. Although bonded retainers can hold the front teeth in place, they also come with risks. The include, but are not limited to, broken bonds, loose retainers and even the possibility of swallowing the retainer. Loose bonds require maintenance and extra visits with an additional office fee after one year. If you would like bonded retainers, please let us know at your next appointment.

We want to make sure you love your smile! Before we move forward, we need you to complete this form.

If everything looks great, you are ready for that final smile reveal!

Please note that after the appliance removal appointment, we will continue to see you for one year for scheduled retainer checks. The exception to this is if you are having partial treatment now with more orthodontic treatment planned in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us!

Congratulations on completing your orthodontic treatment! We are so excited for you!