Meet Our Treatment Coordinators


“I am SO proud to say that I have been working for Embrace Orthodontics since 2011 and in the orthodontic world since 2007. My role has transitioned over the years from a chairside dental assistant to my current role as Treatment Coordinator. I love meeting with our patients and working together with our amazing doctors to find the right treatment option for each individual. Watching a person transform their smile is so rewarding!”


“I first fell in love with orthodontics at age 16 during my own ortho treatment. I started in the orthodontic field in 2004 and came to Embrace in 2016. I love working with a team that is so patient, caring and thoughtful. My favorite part of being a Treatment Coordinator is being a part of someone’s smile journey and, more importantly, their life. Building connections with our patients and seeing their confidence grow throughout their journey has had a huge impact on my life.”


“I’ve worked in ortho since 2015. I love being a Treatment Coordinator because you truly get to be with the patients from start to finish. Seeing their smiles transform throughout their treatment is so fun! It allows us time to get to know them and create connections with each patient. I love their excitement when they finally get to see their end results and get the smiles that they have always dreamed of having.”


“I have been in orthodontics for over 45 years and have been a Treatment Coordinator for over 20 years. The patients are what I love most about being a Treatment Coordinator. The amazing results that we get and how happy the patients are when they see their new smiles for the first time is something really special. They are truly some of the happiest moments and make me smile!”