Myths and Misconceptions about Braces

There are many misconceptions about orthodontic treatment, many of which can make going to the orthodontist seem scary. Luckily, the Embrace Orthodontics team is here to bust those myths and put your mind at ease before you start your smile journey!

Myth #1: braces are painful

FALSE! Getting your braces on and tightening them can cause discomfort while your teeth adjust. However, saying braces are painful or uncomfortable all the time is a total myth. For those times when your mouth is feeling a little sore, there are plenty of food options and tools our team can recommend to reduce discomfort.

Myth #2: braces are my only option

FALSE! Embrace Orthodontics is unique because we have multiple treatment options that could work with your orthodontic case. Our doctors and treatment coordinators will look at your smile, listen to your goals and help you decide the best path for you. 

Myth #3: results from braces take years

FALSE! Most patients are in and out of their braces in 12 months. There are always cases that require more time to give you the smile you want, but our team strives to make your orthodontic treatment quick and painless. 

Myth #4: once off, your teeth will always be straight

FALSE! Unfortunately, having straight teeth after your braces come off requires some effort on your end. But rest assured, once your braces are removed, we will fit you with a retainer to keep your teeth aligned. 

Myth #5: braces are for children

FALSE! One-fifth of all braces are worn by adults. Many adults think having crowns, missing teeth or a general bad dental history disqualifies them from orthodontic treatment. Embrace Orthodontics has a talented team of doctors who will work with your dental history and general dentist to create a smile journey that is perfect for you. 

Myth #6: braces only solve a cosmetic issue

FALSE! Although braces are often sought out to straighten teeth, that is not the only reason patients choose to start orthodontic treatment. Getting braces at a young age can also help prevent orthodontic and dental problems as mouths grow and change.  

Myth #7: braces will impede speech

FALSE! After wearing your braces for a few days or weeks, you’ll forget they’re even there! In many cases, braces can actually help with speech impediments you currently have. 

Myth #8: braces can stick together when kissing

FALSE! Today’s braces are small and compact enough not to entangle with your partner. This is a classic myth that has been passed down, but the odds of this actually happening are extremely unlikely. 

Although braces can seem scary, many of your fears will be put to rest once you come in for a consultation. Reach out to the Embrace Orthodontics team for any questions or concerns you have about starting your smile journey!