Dentophobia: How to Face Your Fear of the Orthodontist

woman fear of the orthodontist

There is zero shame in being nervous or afraid of oral health treatment. That is totally normal. Don’t worry! All doctors, hygienists and assistants understand that dentophobia is a real thing and are well-equipped to help you feel comfortable in the chair. 

Here are some tips on staying calm while orthodontists and their team members are working on your teeth.

Talk to your orthodontist! 

This one seems obvious, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It is normal not to want to discuss your fears with others. However, suppose your orthodontist and their team are unaware of your dentophobia. Their approach to your treatment may be different because they might assume you’re alright with prolonged periods of care with fewer breaks.

Always remember that your doctor and their team are there to help you. There is a good chance they will ask you about oral health treatment fears. If they do, simply tell them treatment makes you nervous. If they do not, for whatever reason, just let them know that you’ll want to take frequent pauses. 

Don’t forget to breathe!

You’d be surprised how effectively well-timed, relaxed breathing can alleviate fear and anxiety. Of course, this is easier said than done when it comes time for treatment to start. However, if you close your eyes, breathe through your nose and do your best to relax your muscles, treatment will go much smoother!

Always remember that you can speak up during most treatments and adjustments. If you’re having trouble dealing with bracket repairs or catching your breath, everything can stop until you feel more comfortable about starting again. Never underestimate the role that breathing can play in helping you stay calm during even the most challenging moments. 

Ask for a walk-through! 

Your orthodontist and their team can explain each part of your procedure to you before it happens. If you are somebody that has dentophobia because you just never understand what is going on with your teeth during treatment, this can be a big help. 

Orthodontic tools and appliances can seem intimidating from the patient perspective. They can be large, noisy and cause weird sensations in the mouth. However, most of these appliances are designed with patient comfort in mind. 

Getting a walk-through during treatment can also give you a chance to take a deep breath, release tension from your body and prepare yourself for the next phase of your orthodontic care! 

Give us a call! 

Our entire team at Embrace Orthodontics is thoroughly trained in keeping patients feeling relaxed, safe and comfortable. While specific procedures may seem scary, keeping a person comfortable during treatment is a big part of oral healthcare professional education. 

We at Embrace Orthodontics have protocols for calming patients with dentophobia. During your consultation, we will also ask you if getting your teeth worked on makes you scared or anxious. With us, you can always relax knowing that we have your best interests at heart.Give us a call today to book an appointment or visit us online to learn more!